PickTrace is a workforce and harvest management software designed specifically for large-scale farms

We track which employees are doing what, where they work, and how long they work for. During harvest season, PickTrace tracks how much is harvested, of what variety and quality, and at what efficiency. Our software then takes all of this information and provides users clear and actionable insights.

Our tools come as a suite rather than individual modules, which allows users to take advantage of all of our best-in-class features.

In the Field

Our streamlined barcode based software runs on Android and uses ruggedized smartphones to send real-time data to the cloud.

Command Center

As our software is heavily involved with your day to day operations and the act of visualizing what is happening at any given moment, we’ve deemed it the Command Center for the field. We also like to think it looks like one too!


A comprehensive platform to view, edit and analyze data collected in the field.

Online & Offline Mode

If a field device is connected to cell service or wireless network, all data is collected in true real-time.

PickTrace also enables devices to collect data while entirely offline without cell service or WiFi. Our device stores the data locally and all of the data is automatically synchronized the moment the device connects with cell service or a wireless network.

Workforce Management

Fast, reliable, and user-friendly time, attendance, and productivity tracking for the field, office, and packinghouse.

   Harvest Management

Real-time harvest efficiency for faster, more informed decision-making.

Data backups

Automatic nightly backups to a separate server

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