Time, attendance, and productivity tracking for
the field, office, and packinghouse.

Employee database

PickTrace collects, stores, and organizes all employee information within an easily accessible database.

Add new employees online or offline, in the office or in the field, and print an ID badge on the spot.
Edit and update employee information at anytime.
Quickly search employee database by individuals, crews, or contractors.

All data stored in one location. Easily entered, readily available, and quickly updated.

All Employees, One System

PickTrace’s suite of tools captures time entry data in the field, office, and packinghouse, providing real-time visibility across your entire workforce all-year-round.

Manage direct hire employees, contracted employees, and H2A employees.

Limitless Coverage

Track employees working on a single ranch, or hundreds of ranches. Global time tracking for operations across multiple states, countries, and continents.

Manage Thousands
of Employees

PickTrace’s timecard management tools reduce the time spent on managing thousands of employees.

Audit timeline quickly highlights errors and incongruencies that may have occurred so payroll can spot and correct them quickly.

Smart tools set the stage for the next generation of timecard management, automatically detecting and resolving issues that occur in the field.


PickTrace’s calculation engine automatically keeps your payroll compliant with constantly changing federal and state laws.

Pay by the hour, by weight, by quantity, by day, or by salary.

Auto-calculation of minimum wage, individual and crew bonuses, piece-rate breaks, overtime, and 7th day.

Unlimited number of employee pay rates based on individual, crew, SKU/packstyle, variety, crop, job, location, H2A contracts, and more.


Create an unlimited number of jobs and determine which ranches they are applicable to.

Job costing by contractor, crew, individual, job type, employee type, location, variety, and more.

Track piece rate jobs, hourly + piece rate jobs, NPT, breaks, lunches, OT, and DT.

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