This is PickTrace

PickTrace is a fast-growing software company that provides workforce and harvest management solutions for large-scale farms. Founded by brothers Austin and Harrison Steed, PickTrace is building the farm management system of the future.

PickTrace’s powerful technology helps agricultural producers thrive in a time when regulatory, labor market, trade, and environmental pressures are increasingly challenging. Our software provides growers with real-time insights so they can improve their operations’ efficiency and compliance. Our customer obsession ensures that we solve real pain points, modernizing and transforming the world’s oldest and most fundamental industry – agriculture.

Summer 2013

Brainstormed initial PickTrace concept for Austin & Harrison’s family farm

Summer 2014

Won first external customer for earliest version of PickTrace

Summer 2015

Graduated from Y Combinator’s start-up accelerator and hired 1st employee

Summer 2017

Implemented go-to-market plan after solidifying product-market fit among enterprise growers

Summer 2018

Reached cash-flow positivity

Winter 2018 - 2019

Raised Series A funding to pursue scale and relocated HQ to beautiful Glendale, Los Angeles

Spring 2020

Tripled headcount from last 12 months and rearchitected product to deliver next-generation PickTrace

Where it all began.

Austin and Harrison Steed first built PickTrace for their family’s own citrus, blueberry, and avocado farm. Helping their family farm showed them the incredible complexities and inefficiencies in agriculture: manual payroll calculation, labor law compliance, and piece-by-piece productivity tracking.

Their vision? Revolutionize the industry with a complete farm management solution that genuinely solves growers’ urgent problems. Very quickly, interest in PickTrace’s software solution grew organically among neighboring farms. A company was born.

Since then, PickTrace has grown significantly from a software tool for the family farm to a high-growth, venture-backed start-up. We went through YCombinator’s prestigious accelerator and raised a Series A round of funding from world-class investors with a track record of building multi-billion-dollar vertical SaaS companies. Our leadership and board are deeply aligned on a philosophy of healthy, stable growth built on a foundation of extremely happy customers. Today, we serve some of the largest berry, citrus, and apple growers in the United States, as well as in  Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Australia. Our software is used by tens of thousands of farm workers each day, whose handiwork feeds millions of people around the world.

The PickTrace way

Fuel the fire

Our customers are the fire we huddle around. They are what motivate and fulfill us. Spend time understanding their challenges, find quick solutions, and iterate

Be a builder

There are not always blue prints, don’t let that stop you. Take the initiative and create something you are proud of.

Extend a hand

We value working with individuals that have each others backs, don’t hesitate to jump in and help, and are not afraid to put the customer and teams interest ahead of their own.

Paint the picture

We believe context & data creates clarity, clarity creates alignment and agility. We focus on making decisions fast where the team understands the why.

Our Leadership

Today, the PickTrace team is 55 people strong. We have an incredible team of talented and driven individuals who are passionate about our positive mission and the quality of our product.

Austin Steed

Founder & Board Member

Harrison Steed


Joel Zemer

Chief Executive Office
Damon Valenzona

Damon Valenzona

Chief Technology Officer
Damon Valenzona

Greg Moore

Director of Product

Kalyn Wilke

Director of Customer Experience


We aim to revolutionize the industry with a complete farm management solution.

PickTrace Named “Labor Management Solution of the Year” By AgTech Breakthrough

“The powerful balance of world class implementation practices and customer-centric solutions enables PickTrace to improve the lives of employees across the entirety of their customers’ operations. They’re our choice for 2022’s ‘Labor Management Solution of the Year.’”

AgTech award for labor management system goes to PickTrace

PickTrace, the only all-in-one labor management suite for agriculture with paperless hiring, time and productivity tracking and employee payments, has been selected as the “Labor Management Solution of the Year” in the 2022 AgTech Breakthrough Awards.

Pear packers see the future on the line

“The changes modernize the farming side of the company’s 2,000 acres, too. PickTrace and FieldClock, examples of labor management software, are integrated into the central computer system, so managers can track the pace of their workers in real time.”

Harvest & workforce management in real time web-based application

“The system has multiple applications for harvest and workforce management, accessed from a mobile phone. Results are downloaded into an online secure web management system. The workforce management component is what …

Boosting productivity, keeping labor in a tight-margin industry.

“Vantil says the company has been able to boost its productivity through workforce and management tools from California-based company PickTrace, which allows not just for monitoring and real-time data entry, but also making projections. …

YC-Backed PickTrace Helps Farmers Manage Their Harvests.

“…each picker in the field is provided with a barcoded ID badge so they can check in when they start. When they finish picking, they weigh their yield at a Bluetooth-connected scale, which automatically captures the weight, location, employee…”

10 Startups Revolutionizing HR.

“PickTrace is unlike other solutions on this list because it’s a workforce management tool aimed specifically at the agricultural industry. Their unique workforce management platform helps links the field, office, and packinghouse together so everyone is on the same page..”

Meet Glendale Tech Week’s Winners.

“Their workforce and harvest managementsoftware helps growers gain insight into their operations and improve their operational efficiency. Their vision and goal is to revolutionize the industry with a complete farm management solution…”

PickTrace: Q & A with Brothers/Co-Founders Harrison & Austin Steed.

“New to the Glendale Tech Scene is PickTrace, a fast growing software company that provides high tech solutions for farms all over the US, Latin America and Australia, founded by brothers Austin & Harrison Steed…”

PickTrace launches Command Center .

“Command Center collects data about field operations via Android devices, including worker productivity and other metrics. Companies can use Command Center to see the efficiency of individual workers or take a macro view to look at the efficiency of their operations on ...”

Glendale Tech Week Culminates in Awards Ceremony.

“In the category of Glendale Young Entreprenuer, Austin Steed of PickTrace; Harrison Steed of PickTrace; and William Lee of Abrupt Collective won….”

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