Managing your operations across multiple farms and crops just became a whole lot easier

Multi-farm management

Manage hundreds to thousands of farms/ranches of varying crops, states, countries, and procedures. PickTrace is designed to unify your entire organization

Track labor costs per ranch

Analyze harvest & labor costs on a per ranch basis. Narrow down to specific blocks & varieties

Track inside/outside/managed ranches

Whether the farm is owned directly, managed, or a grower you source from, bring all of your ranches under one system

Compare production numbers
per customer

Compare production numbers across your customers & groups of ranches in real-time

Customizable charts & reports
based on what matters most to your operation

If we’re collecting it, you can use it in a report or chart. Whether you want real-time comparisons against historical production, or a breakdown of where your employees live for coordinated hiring pushes, if you can imagine it, chances are we can create it

Run reports on individual or
groups of ranches

Full control of reporting scale. PickTrace allows you to run a report for all of a single customer’s ranches, or an individual ranch

  onsite training

All customers receive onsite deployment and training to ensure the most successful start possible.

24/7 Emergency Support

Immediate live support from a PickTrace technician via call or email. Fast response times, knowledgeable and bilingual technicians (English & Spanish)

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