Manage multiple harvest procedures for all of your crops

Multi-farm management

Track production and run reports for each individual farm, or run comparison reports to understand how ranches are performing relative to one another

multi-crop management

Each crop has different variables, varieties, piece rates, harvest procedures, metrics, and grows in separate locations. Easily add, manage, and understand these KPI’s in real-time

Machine & hand-picked produce
in one system

Use both machine harvesting and hand-picking labor? Not a problem, track and compare yields from both within the same solution

Handle different workforceS and harvest procedures

Have harvest crews check-in with the supervisor, forklift drivers text-in their timecards, and full-time employees use their smartphones? PickTrace has a check-in procedure for everyone.

Manage multiple harvest procedures for all of your crops or trial different harvest procedures to evaluate efficiency

Inside/outside/private growers

Group ranches together in a more familiar way; run reports, manage timecards, and run your business in our system the way you do on paper

Multiple country &
language support

Whether your operation spans multiple states and countries, or completely
different continents, PickTrace can localize the perspective for each growing
region while giving executives access to the entire operation.

Powerful calculation engine to
keep your farm payroll compliant

daily, hourly, salary, piece-work, hourly+piece-work,breaks, lunch, NPT, direct hire, H2A

Payroll compliance is incredibly important and often the number one reason why companies choose to work with PickTrace. Our calculation engine allows us to work in any country and any state

Manage multiple

Hire employees within their respective employer and run reports & payroll independently for each employer

Unlimited amount of employees

No limitations on the number of employees within the system. Hire as many as you need and PickTrace will take care of the rest

User/Site/Ranch Permissions

Limit access to your data based on who the person is and what they are responsible for by setting user roles

Evaluate efficiency at
every level of workforce:

  • Employer/Contractor, crew, employee
  • Run reports, charts, payroll at each layer of the workforce
  • Compare contractor vs contractor, crew vs crew, employee vs employee

Harvest crew
QC monitoring

  • Track real-time QC defects associated with crews, individuals, bins and more
  • Compare QC data against location data, production numbers, and crew averages

UNDERSTAND every country,
region, state, ranch, block, row

Narrow down to an individual row, or zoom back out to your entire
operation that spans multiple countries. PickTrace allows you to
organize the data exactly how you want to view it


If we’re collecting it, you can use it in a report or chart. Whether
you want real-time comparisons against historical production, or a
breakdown of where your employees live for coordinated hiring
pushes, if you can imagine it, chances are we can create it

 24/7 Emergency support

Immediate support from a PickTrace technician
via call or email. Fast response times, knowledgeable
and bilingual technicians (English & Spanish)

onsite training

All customers receive onsite deployment and training
to assure the most successful start possible

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