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Learn more about Product Manager Michelle Ramirez!

Name: Michelle Ramirez

Title: Product Manager

Department: Product

Tenure with PickTrace: Since 2019


    • Grew Up In: El Monte, Ca
    • Currently Lives In: Pomona, CA
    • Star Sign: Pisces
    • Most used emojis: lately I’ve been using the saluting 🫡 emoji a lot to say ‘yep I’m on it’ and the nail-care 💅emoji when someone does a good job because I want them to feel 
    • What song do you have on repeat right now: I’ve been listening to Kacey Muskgraves – I love her new album. And Sofi Tukker hypes me up when I work.
    • Dream vacation: I really want to go volunteer somewhere. Some of the best time’s I’ve had traveling were when I have gone to volunteer and I haven’t done that since college so I’d like to do it again.


    You transitioned from the Implementations team to Product, what’s your favorite aspect of working in R&D?

    • My favorite aspect is connecting even more with end users. My relationship with the end user has changed – in the past I was helping to troubleshoot and train a lot as an IM, and now I talk to end users to learn about how to make a better product for them. It’s nice to connect with them in a different way. 

    What’s a favorite memory from your 5+ years at PickTrace?

    • One of my favorite memories is a meeting that Joel, Kalyn, and I had where we landed one of our largest clients after a long trial period.  It was so exciting to land such a huge customer – I felt like I was in a TV show, part of PickTrace history. I felt very empowered. 
    • I also remember the office days so fondly – that was such a fun time.  I really enjoyed being together and I’m grateful to have had those months in-person to build friendships within our team.

    What are your hobbies and passions outside of work? 

    • I like hiking, working on my cabin in Big Bear, and spending time with my nieces.  Also, when I can have a gym day that includes workout, sauna, steamroom, and a smoothie- I mean, I find absolute joy in that. 
    • Trying new recipes.  Recently we made lamb – I’d never made lamb before and we decided to try it – turns out I don’t love lamb 🥲

    Do you have any guiding principles that you live by?

    • I do my best to intentionally do things that make me happy.  I love being outside, exploring new spots, and being with family and friends.  It’s easy to get caught up in the routine so I make a point to plan out my happy time. 

    If you were a fruit or vegetable what would you be and why?

    • Lemon – I feel like I’m bright and sunny most of the time. I don’t think I’m sour, but like lemon juice I can sometimes be punchy 🍋 


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