5 Marketing Trends at United Fresh MKT 2017

by Jun 19, 2018Blog

The world is changing rapidly and successful businesses have to evolve with it. The 2017 United Fresh Expo was full of exciting discussion, new technology and the latest trends. Below are a few hot topics that we’re likely to see more of in the future.


1.“Foodies” are last year’s crowd

In recent years social media has been bombarded with the work of so-called foodies, sharing visual commentary of experiential modern cuisines. Although many still identify with this label, the trend may have reached its peak. 

As our country combats increasing rates of malnourishment and obesity, the drive to eat is progressively being replaced with a push to eat right. Not everyone considers themselves a foodie, but the entire population eats and can benefit from a well-prepared nutritious meal. Similarly, larger portions of the population are becoming interested in the nutritional value delivered in the foods they eat, and would be willing to try new cuisines for this purpose.

2. hacks, Hacks, HACKS

Who doesn’t love a life short-cut or know-how? Modern media platforms have made it easy to instantly share ideas to an unrestricted population, and hacks are going viral. Life hacks, work hacks, food hacks, etc. – the millennial generation loves to discover better ways to do the activities they have always done and are likely to share these ideas with their friends on social media.

3. Content layering

We live in a fast-pace society where information is here and gone, so marketing has to strike the audience’s attention quickly. Content layering is a technique used to quickly strike the interest of online viewers and keep their attention longer.

When deciding the content that should be shown on a website page or other platform, start by only revealing the information that will be most appealing to the audience. The idea is to bait them with the most appealing information and then keep them coming back for more. For example, if sharing recipes, place the three most viewed at the top then at the bottom provide the option to see more if desired. We want to keep the audience connected as long as possible so offer options to keep them clicking to new pages.

4. Mom does it best

Millennials’ outlook is a little different than previous generations, and it’s important to earn their trust to stay ahead. So many companies are asking – who do millennials trust when it comes to cooking and trying new recipes?

As shared at the Fresh MKT Expo, studies are revealing that millennials trust their mom the most when it comes to cooking. They are more likely to try a new recipe suggested by mom than recipes found elsewhere. Though this may be contrary to the habits of previous generations, this new understanding opens doors to better relate to audiences in the future.

5. Small companies and potential for BIG impact

The rise of platform technology has created new opportunities for business. For some these changes are beneficial, for others there may be a new set of challenges. It’s clear, however, that the current market allows people to connect faster and information to spread more rapidly. In this era, business giants are no longer the only voices being heard. In fact, this year’s discussion at United Fresh indicated the power that small companies now have to influence the decisions of their larger counterparts, paving the way for widespread market trends.

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