What can Picktrace do for you?

Field collection software and hardware for capturing, storing, and sending
real-time workforce production data at massive scale.

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Identify Opportunities for Growth and Savings
field professional
  • Easy to Learn System
  • Optimized for the Field
  • Fast and Reliable
food safety manager
  • All Data Stored in One Location
  • Quick Search for Lot Numbers or Individual Records
  • Field to Pack Log of Operations
  • Real-Time Field Visibility
  • Gauge Workforce Efficiency
  • 30 Minute Payroll
human resources
  • Bulk Timecard Auditing
  • Automated Wage Calculations
  • Single System for All Labor
  • 30 Minute Payroll
  • Keep up to date with constantly changing and updating payroll law at the federal and state level
  • Piece-rate, Piece-rate break calculations, minimum wage calculations, OT & DT
  • Assure breaks & lunches are taken
  • Prevent Over & Under Selling
  • Buyers
  • Evaluate Selling Values with Costs Clearly Outlined
it management
  • Minimal Deployment and Maintenance
  • Maximum Security
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