5 ways we save you money

Data Collection

  • Rapid check-in process means your employees start working sooner.
  • Field employee creation enables new employees to begin working that same day.
  • Weighing crops in under 15 seconds, gets your harvesters back into the field quicker.

Payroll Calculations

  • Automatic Minimum Wage, Overtime, Piece Rate, Paid Break Calculations – save THOUSANDS in man-hours.
  • Real-time calculations allow you to know what you’re spending RIGHT NOW
  • Prevent Overpay & Waste.

Decision making

  • Real-time data to help you make the most of your time.
  • Utilize your resource pool more efficiently.
  • Cut costs on tasks & jobs with historical information.


  • More efficient harvest crews, contractors, and employees have a direct correlation to farm profitability.
  • Plant the most efficient varieties based on your own historical yield data.
  • Monitor growing location efficiency and yield output to prevent loss.

Legal Compliance

  • Automatic State and Federal law compliance, removes countless hours of auditing.
  • Compliance makes happier employees, happy employees means more productive employees.
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